A French native from Normandy, now based in Manchester, England, I have been translating professionally from English into French since 2012. A versatile translator, I enjoy alternating between literary translationspecialised translation and audiovisual translation. I hold an MA in translation and a BA in English.

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Literary Translation

I have translated several books for French publishing houses and regularly work with éditions de l’Archipel. My literary translation work has included novels, thrillers, psychological thrillers, crime fiction, a series of picturebooks, a junior novel and a scientific essay.

I’m a member of the ATLF (the French literary translators’ association) and ATLAS (the French association for the promotion of literary translation).

Are you looking to explore literary translation best practices before entrusting a professional with your literary translation project? Then take a look at these ‘Guidelines for fair translation contracts‘ set out by the European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations, and the short book Translation in Practice, edited by Gill Paul.

Enquête sur un aventurier de l’esprit : Le véritable Alfred Russel Wallace The Real Alfred Russel Wallace: Essays on an Outside-the-Box Thinker Charles H. Smith, éditions de l’Évolution, 2013

Scientific essay (United States)

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Hollywood Dream Machine American Dream Machine Matthew Specktor, l’Archipel, 2016

Novel (United States)

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Diamants de sang NYPD Red 4 James Patterson & Marshall Karp, l'Archipel, 2020

Crime fiction (United States)

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Dévotion Devoted Dean Koontz, l'Archipel, 2021

Thriller/horror (United States)

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La Petite Amie The Girlfriend Michelle Frances, l'Archipel, 2017

Psychological thriller (United Kingdom)

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My Little Pony, the movie : Tempête sur Équestria : Le roman du film My Little Pony, the Movie: Beyond Equestria: The Junior Novel G.M. Berrow, playBac, 2017

Children's novel (United States)

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Specialised Translation

I translate a wide range of documents for both translation agencies and direct clients, including websites, marketing campaigns, academic papers, in-house PowerPoint presentations, press releases, brochures, guides, reports and surveys.

Specialist fields include:


A few brands I have translated for:

Logo Deliveroo
Logo Costa Cruises
Logo Dreamworks
Logo Estée Lauder
Logo France TV
Logo Google
Logo HEC Paris
Logo Guerlain
Logo Ipsos
Logo Lagardère
Logo Nike
Logo Novartis
Logo Paris Aéroport
Logo Pernod Ricard
Logo Porsche
Logo Samsung
Logo Sony
Logo Uber
Logo Université de Lausanne
Logo Universal
Logo Uniqlo
Logo Xerox

Need advice before entrusting a professional with a specialised translation job? Take a look at Translation: Getting it Right, edited by the UK-based Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). Or click here for the US version of this guide, edited by the American Translators Association.

'Why it pays to sell corporate assets to private equity buyers'

Translation of an article for publication on various economy sites and blogs

Client: HEC Paris

Text type: Press article

Field(s): Economy, corporate finance

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Translation of a website article for a brand specialised in typefaces


Text type: Blog post

Field(s): Marketing

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Translation of 50+ promotional texts for tourist spots (hotels, restaurants, etc.) on the Caribbean island of Curaçao


Text type: Website content

Field(s): Tourism and the hotel industry

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'EDB Completes Acquisition of 2ndQuadrant; Becomes Largest Dedicated Provider of PostgreSQL Products and Solutions Worldwide'

Translation of a press release announcing the merger of two companies and the roll-out of new technology solutions

Client: EDB & 2ndQuadrant

Text type: Press release

Field(s): Information Technology

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Neubau Eyewear

Translation of a practical guide on sustainability for this eco-friendly and sustainable eyewear brand

Client: Neubau Eyewear

Text type: Brochure/guide

Field(s): Marketing

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Scandal by Night

Translation of marketing materials to promote a new fragrance by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Client: Jean-Paul Gaultier

Text type: Marketing content

Field(s): Marketing/advertising, fragrances

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Audiovisual Translation

Trained in subtitling, dubbing and voice-over translation at Dubbing Brothers (France’s number one dubbing company), I have translated and adapted film scripts, dialogues from an animated TV series for dubbing and various marketing materials for subtitling or voice-over recordings. I also worked as Artistic Director on a number of these recordings. For my personal project, I specialised in the little-known field of song translation-adaptation, frequented by just a handful of translators. I have ‘tradapted’ the lyrics of various tracks, namely for singer-songwriters, artistic directors, TV subtitles and musical marketing campaigns.

For more information on song tradaptation, see this article I wrote (in French), published in edition 240 of Traduire, the Société Française des Traducteurs journal.

'Sur les traces de notre histoire' ('Chasing Legacy')

Translation of the song lyrics to ‘Chasing Legacy’ for the music video subtitles. Performed by Shaylin Becton and Tha Vil, this track features in the Netflix show Fast & Furious: Spy Racers, produced by DreamWorks.

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Co-translation (with my colleague Joanne Bulley) from French to English of the lyrics to this song for the music video subtitles. Performed by the actor Marie-Claire Neveu, ‘Tsunami’ promotes abortion rights.

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100% Loup (100% Wolf)

Adaptation of the dialogues from season 1 (episodes 14 to 26) of this animated series for dubbing. Produced by Studio 100, the show aired on the French TV channel Gulli.

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'Bienvenue en Arabie' ('Welcome to Arabia')

Translation of the voice-over script for this advert for, the Saudi Arabian tourist board website.

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Translation of the voice-over script for this advert for, the international online hotel booking website.

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'De délire en délire' ('Chandelier')

Tradaptation of ‘Chandelier’ by Sia as part of my song translation project,

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